How to Properly Pack Your Backpack for Multi Day Hiking Trip [2020]

I believe you are already aware of the fact that we are passing a tough time due to the COVID19 pandemic around the world. From the beginning of 2020, we have been stuck at our home. Now, as the situation is getting relaxed day by day, you may want to refresh yourself. I am just wondering what could be the better option for relaxation than a multi-day hiking trip.

For a successful hiking trip, the first step you should consider is packing up your backpack. If you don’t know how to pack a backpack for a multi day hiking trip, I am here today to tell you everything about this. Without delaying anymore, let’s start from here.

Necessary Caution: Take necessary precautions while going outside of the home during this COVID19 pandemic situation. Wear masks and gloves correctly. Take hand sanitizer with you. Sanitize your hand properly before touching your face, nose, ears, or eyes.

Packing the Hiking Backpack: The Sequence

If you are confused about what to pack for backpacking, please remove all of your confusion. In this section of this comprehensive guide, I will discuss the backpacking for beginners.

Pack The Bottom:

It’s a wise decision to start from the bottom of the backpack. Because you can put the irregular things at the bottom. First of all, find out the things that you won’t need throughout the day. For example, you may not need camping gear throughout the whole day. Try to keep the sleeping bag at the bottom of the bag.

Then, you can keep a sleeping pad and other things like a pillowcase around your sleeping bag. Make sure that all other camping gears are set at the bottom of the backpack. Weight distribution is important while packing up the backup. The lightweight things should be set in the bottom, whereas, you should keep the heavier things at the back or middle of the backpack.


Pack The Middle:

As you have already loaded the bottom of your backpack, it’s time to focus on the middle part of your bag. Identify all of your heavy gears like cooking stoves, pans, pots, etc. Put all of these stuff in the middle part of the backpack. It should be at the top of the camping gear.

If you want to distribute weight smartly in your entire backpack, there is only a rule of thumb. Avoid putting heavyweights in the bottom, back, or outside of the backpack. Now if you wonder what weight you should pack in a backpack for hiking, let me clarify you.

The maximum weight you can load in a backpack is 20% of your body weight. For example, if your body weight is 160 pounds, you can safely load up to 32 pounds of weight in your backpack. However, when it comes to day hiking, you should only load 10% of your total body weight. In the case of the above example, you can load up to 16 pounds weight during a day hiking.


As you already got a solid idea about backpacking weight management load up the middle part of your backpack with necessary things and keep the rest of the space for lighter things.


Pack The Top:

So, you have already loaded up the bottom and middle of the backpack. It’s time for loading up the top level. Are you wondering what should you put in the top? It’s pretty much simple. Put the rest of your belongings at the top.

But remember, you should go for all of the lighter and urgent things for the top so that you don’t have to face any extra hassle while accessing your gears. For example, you can put, sunglasses, first aid boxes, snacks, compass, raincoat, and clothes.

Some people face problems with packing up clothes. You should always pack your clothes at the top of the backpack so that you can get quick access to them. If you can pack the clothes in a compression dry bag or even in the packing bags that will be more convenient.



More Hiking Tips

Now that you have loaded up your backpack with all of your necessary stuff, here are some hiking survival tips for you. First of all, make sure that your shoe is perfectly waterproof. Never skip this step, always get the best waterproof hiking shoes. Otherwise, you may have to face a worse day ahead.

If you don’t know how to get the perfect waterproof shoes, I will recommend this exclusive Men’s Waterproof Summer Hiking Shoes to make your hiking trip more exciting. These quick-drying, non-slip shoes come with a unique heel elastic band to give you great user experience.



Now, if you are preparing for a multi-day hike, make sure that you have made your exclusive multi-day hike packing list. It will save your necessary time finding out things at the last moment and also chances of missing stuff will be reduced significantly.

You have to use all of the spaces of your backpack. Especially, when you are up to hiking trips, you should know what to put in a survival backpack. Make sure that you have put all of the essential stuff that will help you to survive in a tough situation during the hiking.

For instance, you should take a hydration system, survival cane, knife, fire starter, compass, map, etc. to make the trip successful and stress-free. Getting a multipurpose tactical cane will help you a lot on your trip.


When it comes to survival can, my recommendation is this exclusive tactical walking stick. It comes with a great indestructible design and adjustable pole length so that you can carry it easily with you in your every hiking trip. This long-lasting product will help you in so many ways.



Another important thing you should consider while hiking is an adequate hydration system. Any kind of emergency portable water purifier will help you in the middle of the road.

In this case, you can go for this portable survival water filter straw. The unique ability of instantly removing bacteria makes this straw exclusive and one of the must-have stuff in a multi-day hiking trip. If you need the best portable water purifiers for travel, without any doubt this could be one of the best options for you.



Final Words

Every backpacking trip for beginners can be exciting for them if they know how to load all necessary kinds of stuff in their backpack. In this article, I tried to gather all the necessary information a backpacker needs to start his first hiking trip.

I hope this article helps you to prepare yourself for your next trip as you already know how to pack a backpack for multiday hiking. I wish you a happy and safe trip to this pandemic situation.

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